Blackacre Capital Returns, Ready to Enrich Bookies Everywhere (But Mostly in Antigua)

After a brief 10 month hiatus, Blackacre returns! I’m going to try and keep the momentum going this time around, and will be tracking both the DEGEN picks, as well as my own. I’m going to get right to it. As a reminder, all spreads are from, just because they’re one of the easier offshore books to get cash onto.

Moving on. My picks in Bold. DEGEN picks listed at the bottom.

1. Ravens +7.5 @ Broncos and the over 49.5.

The annual NFL kickoff game, matching the Super Bowl champions against another somewhat interesting football team. People are pretty down on the Ravens, moreso than any defending champion in recent memory. Part of this is because of the Joe Flacco contract extension, which cost the Ravens the cap space to re-sign many of their veterans on defense, or make other improvements. Couple that with a bad draft pick spot, and the fact that the Ravens were never all that good in the first place, and you’ve got a recipe for trouble.

On the other hand, 7.5 points is a lot. Peyton is Peyton, but the Broncos are missing Von Miller due to excessive studying for the SATs or something, Champ Bailey and Joel Dreessen remain hurt. And while Wes Welker is a good addition, he remains very very short. I’m trying real hard to remember that the Ravens were probably worse than the Broncos last year anyway, but home field is worth somewhere between 2 and 3 points in the NFL these days, and Broncos are just not so much of a juggernaut as to warrant being 4-5 points better on a neutral field.

DEGEN Picks: Broncos and the Over.

All of the rest of the games will be up tomorrow.


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