Week 5 1PM Picks

Doing these in chunks, since I’m behind schedule. My picks in bold, DEGEN in italics.

1. Chiefs -3 @ Titans and the Over 38.5.

DEGEN takes the Titans and the Under.

2. Ravens +2.5 @ Dolphins and the Under 43.5

DEGEN takes the Ravens and the Under.

3. Jaguars + 11 @ Rams and the Under 41.

DEGEN takes the Jaguars and the Under.

4. Patriots -2 @ Bengals and the Over 45.5.

DEGEN takes the Bengals and the Over.

5. Seahawks -3 @ Colts and the Over 44.

DEGEN takes the Colts and the Over.

6. Lions + 10 @ Packers and the Under 55.

DEGEN takes the Packers and the Under.

7. Eagles +1.5 @ Giants and the Over 55

DEGEN takes the Giants and the Under.

8. Saints -1.5 @ Bears and the Under 51.5

DEGEN takes the Saints and the the Under.


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